April 10, 2024
All American 'Season 7'

The highly anticipated drama series All American, which concluded its fifth season in May 2023, will return to The CW in April 2024 after a nearly year-long hiatus.

In addition to becoming popular on The CW, Netflix’s streaming version of All American has achieved success. Because of The CW’s past performance, all of those viewers probably worry about what will happen to the show.

One of the first programmes to be renewed under the new network ownership was All American, and according to a recent update from The CW’s president of entertainment, the show may not be done after season 6. Superman & Lois will conclude with its fourth and final season on the network, but three more former CW originals are.

How season seven of All American may occur.

The CW president Brad Schwartz claims that the financial viability of Jard Padalecki’s modern Western series Walker, as well as All American and its spinoff Homecoming, is no longer a concern.

The shows are from Warner Bros. (All American, All American: Homecoming) and CBS (Walker), the previous majority owners of The CW. However, as Deadline reports, the licencing fees have been reduced in a way that helps The CW meet its financial obligations.
Regarding the series’ future, Schwartz stated the following: “Working with CBS and Warner Bros. on those shows has been amazing, and we’ve managed to get both of those shows to a point where, provided they continue to receive positive ratings, we should be able to maintain them.” The challenge is now one of creativity and performance rather than finances.” That seems promising, doesn’t it?

Fans of The CW’s programming have had to endure an absurd number of cancellations over the last two years, with the explanation reportedly being either low viewership or budgetary constraints, or both. It is encouraging to learn that three cherished shows have managed to endure the network’s significant transformations and adjustments.

The decision to order more seasons of All American beyond its upcoming sixth season, as stated by the head of The CW, has put the show’s future in the hands of the audience. After season 6 premieres this spring, Schwartz lists “creative and performance” as two of the elements that will determine whether or not All American season 7 is renewed.
The network’s decision to stay in the All American business will probably be influenced by both The CW and Netflix’s ratings, but Schwartz also seems to be considering the artistic side of things. Future seasons might be considered as long as the producers and authors have a compelling tale to tell.

This is obviously not a show that has trouble coming up with surprising storylines that captivate viewers and entice them to watch more. Although a season 7 order has not yet been placed, this most recent update is unquestionably good.

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